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Graduating from high school, I had always struggled with finding the "perfect" career. No plans ever seemed to follow through, and it seemed almost impossible to find a career that I was actually passionate about. After meeting with Mike, I realized the path I wanted to take, one that I never would have considered before! I now have full confidence in my choice, and have Agapé to thank. 


Mike was contracted to do a major study for our organization on labour force availability for First Nations. His work surpassed expectations. He was thorough in his assessment and used evidence-based documentation to highlight the issues he investigated complete with references. He looked at various aspects of First Nations issues including culture and conducted a series of interviews for this work. He checked in regularly with drafts and produced his report and recommendations on time. The results will be used for other projects. He is clear and concise in his communications and is personable and professional in the way he conducts himself. We will be using his services in the future.

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