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Fear of Uncertainty or Embracing Opportunity?

Hello everyone!

Thanks again for taking the time to read our blog. We have been very active, gaining new clients, and taking on some other projects, hence this tardy blog post. Keep your ear to the ground, as we hope to announce some exciting developments soon!

Now, on to the blog...

How do you feel about uncertainty? The unknown?

The fear of the unknown is one of the most crippling fears that we face in life, and in many ways this is a positive thing. For example, our fear of what happens after death may keep us from taking unnecessary risks with our lives. In our careers, fear of the unknown is creeping into our daily work life. As I wrote about last month, the "gig economy" is becoming a bigger factor which leaves many workers, especially millennials, navigating short-term contracts with no guarantees or stability.

In this environment of uncertainty, fear can become a constant companion. What if I can't pay my bills this month? My contract is over in a few weeks, what then? These questions batter our minds and can limit our productivity and resourcefulness at the very time that we need it most.

So, the challenge of this blog is simple: How will you look at the uncertainty of the present world of work? Fear is crippling. It hinders creativity and decision-making, bypassing the pre-frontal cortex (reasoning) in our brains and tapping directly into our limbic (fight/flight) system. It keeps us up at night, tossing and turning with worry and stress. It increases our stress levels, impacts our relationships, and can be detrimental to our careers.

If you find yourself in this predicament, let me propose a simple shift in thinking: Do not focus on the uncertainty, focus on opportunity. Within every career there will be transition, and every transition represents opportunity. Opportunity to advance, explore some new area of interest, or network with connections. Approach these seasons with an attitude and viewpoint focused on identifying these opportunities. Reach out to your network. Stay up to date on what's going on in your area. Make it clear that you're looking for new opportunities, and you increase you chances of finding them. This change of mind will also help you make more informed career decisions, unhindered by fear and uncertainty.

As always, feel free to reach out for mental health or career counselling:

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