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Meet The Team


Founder & CEO

Mike Hennessey

Mike, a Mi’gmaq entrepreneur from Pabineau First Nation, founded Agape Professional Services in 2017.  He brings a strong professional background working with career development, mental health, labour market initiatives, student support, and entrepreneurial education. Mike’s work has been published academically and he regularly presents in conferences and events.  His leadership and expertise in mental health, research, training, and facilitation is essential to each project we deliver.

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Luisa Montoya

Luisa is an experienced professional with a proven record in securing funding from a variety of sources, including: proposal writing, partnership development, and creating revenue generating opportunities. In addition to Luisa’s experience in securing funding, she has worked with various organizations to grow and ensure long-term sustainability. Areas of expertise include: Human Resources, Business Plan creation, and Legislations and Regulations. In addition to her significant experience in business and organizational development, Luisa is also an experienced researcher and consultant in policy creation, with almost two decades of experience in gender, health and priority populations. Particular areas of interest are program outcome evaluations and culturally safe program creation.

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Research Assistant

Brooke Tracy

Brooke is in her final year of the Honours in Psychology program at the University of New Brunswick, with two minors in comparative cultural studies and business administration. Her thesis, titled "Parent perceptions of an early intervention for their preschool-aged children with autism," is being completed under the supervision of Dr. Barbara D'Entremont. She has worked as a research assistant in several areas of research, including youth in the criminal justice system, access to key resources for children and youth with autism, transdiagnostic therapy for adolescents, and various studies within the field of cultural psychology.

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Rachel McNair

Rachel has her Masters of Education in Counselling. Her clinical and academic experience and knowledge working with children, youth, and adults in a mental health role is applied to projects in this area through research and writing.  Her expertise, compassion, and research skills are invaluable assets to Agape and our clients.  Some of her previous work has examined mental health outcomes for specific populations, conducted program evaluations, and assisted in a legislative review.

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Willow Anderson

Willow is a consultant, trainer, and researcher who combines her profound belief in the importance of diversity with her need for meaningful inquiry and for quality processes and outcomes for our clients. Willow has an MA in Conflict Resolution from the University of Bradford (England) and a PhD from the University of New Mexico.  In addition to her research experience, Willow has a strong background in training development and delivery. She achieved Professional Facilitation Certification at the Centre for Management Development at Memorial University in 2005 and in 2013 completed a University of British Columbia course entitled Training for Intercultural and Diversity Trainers. She has been developing and delivering intercultural- and diversity-focused training for over a decade.

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Research Assistant

Veronica Madsen

Veronica is a member of the Metepenagiag Mi'gmaq Nation, New Brunswick.  A work opportunity brought her to Newfoundland and Labrador in 2006, where she now calls home. She attends Memorial University of Newfoundland and Labrador (MUNL), and has acquired her BA and is continuing her education with a MA in Cultural Geography.  Research is her primary area of interest and community-led housing initiatives in northern Indigenous communities. She is presently working on her thesis with the community of Rádeyı̨lı̨ kó (Fort Good Hope), NWT, in assessing housing needs potential gaps in supports geared towards housing and home as a place. 

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