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Welcome to Agapé's monthly blog!

Hi everyone,

Thanks for visiting our monthly blog! This will be my personal blog where I will be contributing monthly blog posts examining career counselling and mental health issues from my perspective. I hope that this will be of use to you in your journey.

To begin, I came across this TED Talk that I felt was worth sharing. Here are some nuggets of wisdom taken from clinical psychologist, Meg Jay, touching on career development, mental health, and relationships:

1. Your "personality changes more during your 20s than at any other time in life". (3:27)

2. "Leonard Bernstein said that to achieve great things, you need a plan and not quite enough time." (5:38)

3. "Twentysomethings who huddle together with like-minded peers limit who they know, what they know, how they think, how they speak, and where they work." (10:57)

4. "Half of new jobs are never posted, so reaching out to your neighbor's boss is how you get that unposted job. It's not cheating. It's the science of how information spreads." (10:57)

5. "The best time to work on your marriage is before you have one,and that means being as intentional with love as you are with work." (12:13)

Without further adieu, Dr. Meg Jay:

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