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Jordan's Principle: Supporting First Nations Children and Youth

Since our inception in May 2017, Agape Counselling Services has been working in support of First Nations children and youth through the Handle with Care program (detailed on our last blog post).

Beginning this month, we are now serving children and youth in New Brunswick First Nations through Jordan's Principle.

What is Jordan's Principle?

Jordan's Principle is a child-first principle meant to prevent all First Nations children from being denied essential services or experiencing delays in receiving them. Jordan's Principle applies to all First Nations children (on or off reserve). It involves all jurisdictional disputes, between federal departments or between federal and provincial governments and provides payment for needed services by the government or department that first receives the request.

More information is available at

Who is eligible to receive services?

All First Nations youth between the ages of 0-19 with an identified need for health, social, or educational services are eligible to receive services. Some examples of services that have been covered to date under Jordan's Principle are: mental health services, speech language pathology, special education supports, specialized assessments, and more.

Who do I contact?

The services provided through Jordan's Principle are being coordinated through local services coordinators in New Brunswick. If you are aware of a First Nations child or young person who is not receiving health or social services that they need, please contact service coordinator in your region.

Below is the contact information for each regional service coordinator in New Brunswick, along with the First Nations in their area.

Gloria Augustine (Kingsclear, St. Mary's, Oromocto)


Phone: (902) 483-9980

Jennifer Perley (Woodstock, Tobique, Madawaska)


Phone: (506) 426-0352

Sheila Francis (Esgenoopetitj, Elsipogtog)


Phone: (506) 993-0209

Katie O'Shea (Eel River Bar, Pabineau, Metepenagiag, Eel Ground, Indian Island, Buctouche, Fort Folly)


Phone: (506) 251-2402

(Source: Vitalite NB)

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